..... Digital watch modules for new and vintage quartz wristwatches.

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Repair or Replacement?


A minor amount of broken LED watches are repairable. But if we have the chance to repair your non-working module we will do it to keep as many watches original as possible. The costs for a repair are always € 105.-, no matter which part is broken or which brand you send for a repair.



If your original module is not repairable, there is good news however: Most likely a SASM replacement module is available! This is a modern high quality circuit which has been developed to repair vintage LED watch modules.



We replace the circuit board of your module and take the original plastic carrier, the original display, the quartz (if still working) plus further parts to build a new movement. To use original parts on a new circuit means that your watch looks most authentic but with modern reliability.




Modules in or without exchange?


As we use original vintage parts on new SASM modules, there always is a demand for defective LED watch modules. For this reason we trade in your original module and give a discount of € 60.- on each SASM module which is purchased in exchange against your old movement. You have surplus modules for sale? We buy them! Each P2/P3/1600/1601 module for € 50.-, each P4 module for € 40.-




Resale value


Customers often ask about the value of a watch with replacement module. Most well known digital watch collectors bought SASM modules. There are customers that trade working original movements for a SASM module just because of their dependability and acceptance in the watch business. In other words: There is no difference in value between a watch with an original movement or a watch with a SASM replacement module.